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QAS Goals & Directives

To encourage and promote artistic endeavour and achievement by Canadian artists and Canadian students of the arts who work or have worked in more than one artistic discipline, or whose works of art encompass or have encompassed more than one artistic discipline, such as (for illustration only) literature and film-making, or music and sculpture.
To award to one or more artists as described above on an annual, or other basis determined by the directors of the Organization, a prize or prizes of cash or other valuable consideration to recognize such artists’ achievement. Such prizes may recognize all or any of the following: a single work, a group of works, a body of work, or a career or lifetime of work. (Quarrington Arts Society / Société des Arts Quarrington)

The Quarrington Arts Society welcomes your support! Support may be in the form of financial contributions, which will greatly help us address the goals & directoives noted above.
As a small charitable organization with big aspirations, we welcome enthusiastic and committed volunteers to help us realize our goals. Contributions in the form of goods and services are key to the success of our activities and events.

Volunteer - Non-Financial Support
If you wish to support our initiatives through non-financial means, please do not hesitate to contact our Board Chairman about current priorities. Please email

Financial Donations
Quarrington Arts Society/Société des Arts Quarrington is a registered charity with the Canadian Revenue Agency. As such, we are entitled to receive charitable donations and issue receipts for tax purposes. Your support with financial donations is very welcome and appreciated. Please use the "Contribute" link to initiate the donation process

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